Roscoe Comes Home From Surgery

Well, we can now say without a doubt that Roscoe is worth $500 an inch!  He just came back from surgery today and although a bit weary, he is doing fine and wobbling around ok. Here’s a video of him trying his best to make his mark when he got home.

He had a Type A2, simple, physeal fracture of the proximal tibia along with the evulsion of the Tibial tuberosity.  He also had a fracture of the proximal fibula.

In doggy terms, he basically smashed his knee up (doctor had only seen this a couple of times before) and had to have it wired back together with 3 pins in his knee.  The xrays after the operation looked like spaghetti strings holding his knee together!

While he was there he had two teeth pulled and his nads disappeared…he probably didn’t know which end hurt more 😉

Either way, he is home now and must be kept in strict cage rest for 4 weeks with no running, jumping, stairs or off leash activity during this time.  He’s definitely super bored and whiney but he’s getting used to it all.  He goes to vet on Saturday for a checkup and hopefully he can get the cone off.  Funny, a friend said…”hey is that cone so you can pour his food into it and feed him?”  Ok, I thought it was cute!

2 Responses to “Roscoe Comes Home From Surgery”

  • Scooter says:

    Roscoe…I told you several times not to mess with my Bunnies up the street, but nooooo, you kept comin on to my girls, messin with them with that pretty boy look of yours and look what it got ya!!! Next time you get the boat anchor and slow ride off the pier!! Or the Squirrel head in your bed one mornin!!!

    Scooter Corleone’

  • Tawnya says:

    hehehe…breath deeply Scooter…you know Roscoe can put you in your place and you are twice the size of him! Shame on ya 😉

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