Our Bichon Frise puppy breaks his leg … what next?

Well, yesterday as we were carrying Roscoe over the gate set up in the house to keep him safely penned in a specific area while we toilet train him, he jumped out of our arms and fell to the ground.  And man did he yelp like crazy!

It wasn’t that far of a fall so thought he was just whining a bit since he is still only a 5 month old baby.  He wouldn’t however put his left hind leg onto the ground.  He’d let me touch and massage it but anytime he put pressure on it he cried.

roscoe-legThat night, I let him sleep in my room and he cried off and on whenever he moved positions. I felt so sorry for him!

First thing this morning I took him to the vet and sure enough he had broken something in his knee.  And not a simple break may I add as our vet had only seen something similar 2-3 times in his time.  He had 2 Xrays taken and $175 later we were being told he needed surgery to repair his knee which seems to have separated or something where all his puppy leg growth happens and will require pins put into to it to hold it together.  If we don’t do it, his leg will become limp and lifeless and he’ll drag it around for the rest of his life…how sad!

The tears welled up in my eyes and escaped down my cheeks.  I couldn’t believe our vet was telling us it wasn’t a simple break that could just be fixed with a cast! My family was kind enough to let me get a dog and I promised them it wouldn’t cost much and now I am looking at anywhere from $1200-$7000K to fix!  I feel awful about putting my family’s hard earned money into an animal when I should be spending it on them even though they all agreed to give up a few things over the next few months to see Roscoe well.

I took Roscoe home as we need to have a family discussion about what to do.  I laid in bed with him all day…here’s a pic of us…crappy resolution but took it with my new VAIO Cam and it didn’t work well in the dark room.

I still can’t believe this happened!  Just yesterday Roscoe and I went for this long casual 4KM walk in the Wildlife Bird Reserve together.  It was our first real walk together and the day was beautiful. We saw Canadian Geese & Bald Headed Eagles, rabbits and even picked some blackberries.

In summary, I decided this afternoon to go ahead with the surgery and he is scheduled for 9am on September 22, 2009.

I’m surprised how attached I have become to an animal in just a few short months.  I never seen myself as an animal person and never really paid them much attention until Roscoe came along.

4 Responses to “Our Bichon Frise puppy breaks his leg … what next?”

  • Nicole Dean says:

    Poor baby! And, poor Roscoe, too. 🙁

    You did the right thing. They are so innocent and loving and need us so much.

    ((hugs)) and looking forward to seeing him all recovered, romping around with you.

  • Karri Flatla says:

    You sound like me and our cat. I NEVER wanted a pet and I got dragged into a pet store one day in Calgary b/c Jason wanted to look at the dogs. We happened to go take a peek at some kittens and there was a tortoiseshell Persian kitten staring at us. I let the pet store clerk put her in my arms and, well, the rest is history.

    Pets adopt us – not the other way around 😉

    I hope little Roscoe makes it through the surgery okay. Usually vet clinics take really good care of the little guys. Good luck.

  • Beth Frank says:

    I have 4 cats, a dog and a bird. I would do everything in power to keep them healthy.

    Best of luck to Roscoe. What a cutie he is. Hoping for a full recovery so you and Roscoe can continue your walks.

  • Erin Stinson says:

    I’m soo sorry to hear this. My pug broke her foot when she was 2 months old just from jumping off the couch. She has made a full recovery. Hang in there they’re tough and they make it through for us. They have the rest of their life to repay us 🙂

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