Bichon Frise First Hair Cut!

ItscoldouthereRoscoe, our bichon frise. went out last night to the airport and ran around by the fire getting all black and dirty.  Here’s a pic of him with a friend warming up before it was time to play again.

Because of his rough housing the night before, Roscoe really needed a good brushing the next day! He was being a little brat and yelping every time I tried to brush him to the point that I honestly thought the brush was hurting him or something.  Saying that, he boldly ran around the house carrying it in his mouth so if it was hurting him when I brushed him, I doubt he would play with the brush.  Just to make sure though, I took him over to Dena’s house (our pet groomer) to get a lesson on “how to brush bichons”.  Figure I might as well start him young getting used to being groomed as he has a whole lifetime ahead of him of this ritual being the showy type of dogs bichons are.

ImnotdoingnothingwrongI was greeted at Dena’s home by two of the sweetest bichons I’ve ever seen (well besides Roscoe). They were all purdy and looking hot in their well groomed coats.  Dena took control of Roscoe right of the bat and had him brushed, trimmed and nails cut in no time.  He’s a little whiney yelper but she taught me how to be more dominant with him and not let him run the show like he wants to.

I learned to brush him deep with comb to look for tats and when found, brush them out with the short wire brush until they are gone.  You need to pull back the hair so you see their skin and get the tats close there too or they will just get bigger over time.  Also, I didn’t realize this but you can brush any direction on a bichon. She also told me to get a narrower collar and only wear it on him when walking or out on the town as overtime the collar will mark up his beautiful coat which bichons are famous for.

We are home now and I thought he’d be totally wiped out from it all and sleep all afternoon but by the look in his eye, I doubt it 😉  Isn’t Roscoe cute??  How can one NOT love him?

Just another day in the life of Roscoe.

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