New Puppy – Family Adjustment (and Not Just For Roscoe!)

getitRoscoe has definitely adjusted to his new home although not sure we have adjusted to him yet. Anyone who knows me knows I love my sleep and I am not an early riser. Well, I am an early riser now!!! Roscoe has his mum up at 6:30 every morning now. I am doing my best to kennel train him so want to keep consistency with a routine even if it kills me (and it is LOL!). But one look at his cute little smirk and it is all seems worth it for the moment.

I put a stuffed animal in his kennel last night but it still didn’t help him as he cried himself to sleep. He gets so much stimulation all day from Connor and everyone visiting us to see meet him that he doesn’t know what to do at bedtime all by himself. But just like my 3 kids found out, he will have to learn that mum knows he is safe and fine and that he is just crying for attention so I’m not playing his game and he can cry 😉

Success! All night he slept till 6:30am with no accidents too!

igotastickRoscoe is a little mad today as his brother (who he has wrapped around his little paw) is gone to his dads for a few days so he has to stay housed up with me in my office. But he is finding lots of trouble to get into, trust me. He’s turning out to be a very curious puppy (aren’t they all?) My office is just off the laundry room and he keeps running in there and bringing out laundry to chew. Right now he has Connor’s favourite boxer shorts HA! Too bad so sad Connor, you will have to learn not to leave your dirty laundry laying around! At least it’s keeping Roscoe occupied for a few chewing on them so that works for me as I get a bit of office work done today.

On a positive note, I work too much at my desk and will go for hours without getting up from my chair. Roscoe has cured me of that and I’m jumping up every half hour or so for something surrounding him 😉 I bet I lose some weight and my neck sorts out now not sitting on my butt all day without exercising.

Ok I should feed him, it’s almost 8am. I have him on 1/2 cup X 2 Royal Canin for Shitzu dogs that Kim suggested and he seems to gobble that up.DSC02746

2 Responses to “New Puppy – Family Adjustment (and Not Just For Roscoe!)”

  • Kimm and Kimmlets says:

    Awwwwwwwww, Roscoe, sounds like you are working really hard, to shape your new “Families'” behaviour. Bichon puppies have an afinity for underwear..and are a good incentive to put them in the laundry. He is a very bright little puppy, the house seems sort of empty without him. Kisses Roscoe… be a good puppy… sleep in…….sleep is good!!
    Hugs to Tawnya, Arnold and Conner too!

  • Tawnya says:

    I had to go out today for about 2 hours and I left Roscoe in the bathroom (ceramic floors so easy cleanup if he had an accident) with his open kennel and some water and a potty mat plus some doggy toys. I got back and he was sooooooooooo good! He didn’t have any accidents and even went potty when I took him outside. He is such a cutie and loving his good days as I am sure with his smirk he’ll have a few mischievous ones to talk about too 😉

    Oh got a comment about what a sociable puppy he was. He was so good with the 1 year old that was visiting last night, only licking her lightly. We chalked that up to you Kim, thanks for raising such a wonderful puppy so far…we have a lot to live up to!

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