Puppy’s First Trip Home

Today we headed up on the 7:45am ferry to Nanaimo to meet Kimm and her Kimmlets. After visiting with LBP (Little Boy Puppy) a 15 week old male bichon we decided we couldn’t live without him and brought him home. He slept the whole ride home on the ferry. We then popped over to King George Aviation Airpark to give him a pee break and then headed to our first visit to the pet store. We came out of there just under $100 with food, collar, leash, jerky, 3 tiny tennis balls, a squeaky toy and a tug of war toy my son picked out.

When we got home, Connor decided his name was going to be Roscoe (from Sheriff_Rosco_P._Coltrane on Dukes of Hazzard, a favourite show of my boys for many years).

All decked out in his army style collar that we picked out to make him look more boyish, Roscoe has settled in quickly this aft already eating a full bowl of food and playing with his new toys. He is a hoot of fun and I’m sure he will keep us all on our toes in the years to come. He’s like another brother to Connor and I think they’ll be getting into trouble here very soon with all the romping and laughing I hear going on in the background….must go check! I’ll post pics soon and will keep you all up to date of the new puppy names Roscoe ๐Ÿ™‚

My birthday’s tomorrow and Roscoe was a surprising present!

Here’s pictures of the day:

Isn’t he cute???


First Introduction:


Kim giving Connor a few puppy tips!


Ok, now he’s got it!


Saying last goodbyes to mom…


Don’t cry mom, I’ll be good and make you proud ofย  in my new home!


One last bite of your tail so you don’t forget me ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ok, last pic together…smile!


Ok, I’m a bit scared but ready…let’s go to my new home!


3 Responses to “Puppy’s First Trip Home”

  • Kimm and Kimmlets says:

    Hello my little LBP……… I miss you!!!! There is nobody piling up toys, or making me laugh for being the cutest puppy in the house!! I hope you are being a good puppy for your new family. Hugs… and puppy kisses.

  • Stephanie Toom says:

    Hi Roscoe and family ! You are pretty darn cute and lots of fun to be around from the sounds of things.I hope you continue to have fun exploring your new home and getting to know your new family. Best of Luck !
    Puppy Hugs from Stephanie and Fluffs @ Encore Bichons,Tsawwassen,BC

  • Pam Snyder says:

    Awww! How cute. Little balls of fur.

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