Lazy way to walk a Bichon Dog

A Puppy Dog Day at the Beach in Whiterock, British Columbia

Roscoe enjoyed an adventurous day at the beach in Whiterock climbing rocks and eating seaweed. Its a great walk for a dog. Just head down 1000 steps near Crescent Beach and turn left at the bottom towards the nude beach. Yes Whiterock supposedly has a nude beach but I’ve only been down there in colder weather where clothing was required!

Hard day’s work at the Motorcycle Show For the Dogs

Roscoe relaxing with his new gal pal he met at the Wings n Wheels Motorcycle Show. Roscoe had to keep his eye on Marty while we counted all the donations to our motorcycle show and shine as Marty kept grabbing the bills and running around the living room enticing us to chase her 😉

In total, we raised almost $1900 for British Columbia Firefighter’s Burn Fund at our Ride & Fly.  A good time was had by all including all the dogs in attendance!

Roscoe will play while the mice are away!

I’m sitting in a niche affiliate marketing conference in Atlanta and was checking my email. To my surprise, my next door neighbour who is helping look after Roscoe had sent me this email saying,

“As you can see, your baby is doing fine! He loves the kids and they love him too.”

Thanks Jen, you brought a warm smile to my face so early in the morning 😉

Muddy Puppy 2

Having a muddy good time mom!

Muddy puppy

Honest, I jumped over the mud puddle!

our buddy Roscoe

Fun with my buddies!

Roscoe Peco Train

How to Keep Your Dog from Barking Too Much

So you have a new dog at home. Things seemed to be going fine until the neighbors inform you they hear him barking all day long while you are away. Oh and the lack of sleep from the barking all night long too! Before you send him packing, here is some practical help to tone down the noise.

Listen: Dogs bark. That is what they instinctually do. If he didn’t bark, you’d wonder what was wrong with him.

On the other end of the scale are dogs that bark way too much. This includes puppies. Everything said in this article will refer to puppies and dogs both. You might find that you have an easier time with older dogs that have already had some training.

Reasons for Barking

Barking is a natural instinct but, through training, you can teach your dog to bark only at certain times. You’ll want him to bark when someone is at the door but not every time that they see you coming or when you are absent.

Before you begin, it’s important to know why dogs bark. There really are some legitimate reasons other than just wanting to be heard.

  1. Separation anxiety – You’ve spent a lot of time with your dog training him and helping him to settle into your home. When you leave to go to work or for other reasons, he may feel like he is being abandoned. Just like a child who spends a lot to time with momma, the first few times you leave can be hard to handle. Barking may be his way of coping.
  1. Attention seeking – Hey, dogs like attention just like the rest of us. If you have come running in the past when they bark, they will continue to bark often to get more attention.
  1. Noises – Dogs are distracted easily. Any noise can elicit a barking response: the doorbell, the door opening, the oven timer and others. You get the picture.

Cease and Desist

Now that you know why the dog barks, you can more intelligently try to solve the problem. Teach your dog when his barking is appropriate.

  • Give him plenty of exercise. An extended play session or training before you plan to leave the house will tire him out. He may even sleep while you are gone.
  • Practice leaving the house before the actual event occurs. Grab your keys and leave for a few minutes. Once your dog realizes that you are gone, he may bark. If he does, come back in and give him a command to be quiet. Repeat the exercise until your dog understands that you will return.
  • Keep a leash on your dog before the event that triggers the barking. When he starts barking at the doorbell or for attention, pull on the leash and give him the command to be quiet and to stay.

Are you getting barking complaints? Before you pull your hair out, try these tips.

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

VID01394Unlike their owners, cats and dogs don’t always enjoy the fun spirit of Halloween. While we humans tend to get excited and go romping out into the neighborhood, frolicking through fallen leaves, ringing doorbells and bringing home the rewards of our labor in the form of sweet treats, many of our animal companions find this time quite stressful. Your pet does not realize the costumes and sounds are make-believe and the people behind those getups are just that…people. You may find that your animal will panic when you answer the door for trick-or-treaters or when you dress up in your Halloween costume.

Keeping Your Easily Agitated Pets Safe from Harm

If you’re hosting a party in your home or invite trick-or-treaters to your door, one of the best ways to keep Fido (and those who are visiting) safe is to remove him from the situation completely. You can kennel your animal somewhere else for the night or put them in a room that’s off limits to guests. If your cat or dog is normally skittish around people, it’s best to keep them away from all the commotion on Halloween.

While many animals will freak out from all the holiday hoopla, there are some who love it just as much, if not more than you do. Here are some tips to allow your people loving, socialite pet to get involved in the festivities in a safe way.

Let them enjoy your visitors – from a distance.

You may find that your pet is not bothered by the costumes at all. Maybe your puppy likes to go to the door and welcome your guests. If this is the case, make sure he or she does not dart out the door while you’re handing out treats. Try leashing your dog within a safe distance from the door so they can enjoy the guests while remaining safe inside.

This will also help the children who like to see the animals but don’t want to touch them or be close to them. Because animals scare some children while others get very excited and want to run toward them and be the aggressor, a leashed animal will help you stay in control of the situation and allow both the children and your pet to enjoy the experience.

Candy and Pets Don’t Mix

If you have children who will be trick-or-treating, you’ll have to pay careful attention to your pets once you return home for the night with the kids’ treats. While sorting and eating the goodies from the evening, make certain that all candy, especially chocolate, is out of the cat or dog’s reach. Chocolate, even in the tiniest amounts, can be deadly to animals. Refrain from letting your little ones dump their trick-or-treat bags and buckets on the floor to sort their candy. Instead, head to the dining room table or a counter to pick through the yummy treats.

You Know Your Pet Better Than Anyone

As the “parent” to your pet, you know his or her temperament better than anyone else. If this is your first Halloween with a pet, don’t be surprised if he or she doesn’t find the day as pleasurable as the other members of the family. Keep these simple, yet often overlooked safety tips in mind this year. By taking simple precautions beforehand to prepare for the night, you can ensure everyone in the family and all your guests have a healthy and safe Halloween.

Mischievous Bichon Frise Puppy Getting into Trouble!

Ok you got me Roscoe P. Coltrane, how’d you manage this one???

Since Roscoe’s knee surgery 10 days ago we’ve had to keep high watch over him.  He’s contained to a small 3 X 5 foot area outside my office but he’s still seeming to find trouble to get into.  I have no idea how he got his cone through the banister. HA!  He’s definitely a handful and bored out of his tree!  Only 2.5 more weeks of keeping him contained and then he’ll be free to run, climb stairs and jump around.

Hang in there Roscoe, only a couple more weeks to go!

Roscoe Comes Home From Surgery

Well, we can now say without a doubt that Roscoe is worth $500 an inch!  He just came back from surgery today and although a bit weary, he is doing fine and wobbling around ok. Here’s a video of him trying his best to make his mark when he got home.

He had a Type A2, simple, physeal fracture of the proximal tibia along with the evulsion of the Tibial tuberosity.  He also had a fracture of the proximal fibula.

In doggy terms, he basically smashed his knee up (doctor had only seen this a couple of times before) and had to have it wired back together with 3 pins in his knee.  The xrays after the operation looked like spaghetti strings holding his knee together!

While he was there he had two teeth pulled and his nads disappeared…he probably didn’t know which end hurt more 😉

Either way, he is home now and must be kept in strict cage rest for 4 weeks with no running, jumping, stairs or off leash activity during this time.  He’s definitely super bored and whiney but he’s getting used to it all.  He goes to vet on Saturday for a checkup and hopefully he can get the cone off.  Funny, a friend said…”hey is that cone so you can pour his food into it and feed him?”  Ok, I thought it was cute!

Our Bichon Frise puppy breaks his leg … what next?

Well, yesterday as we were carrying Roscoe over the gate set up in the house to keep him safely penned in a specific area while we toilet train him, he jumped out of our arms and fell to the ground.  And man did he yelp like crazy!

It wasn’t that far of a fall so thought he was just whining a bit since he is still only a 5 month old baby.  He wouldn’t however put his left hind leg onto the ground.  He’d let me touch and massage it but anytime he put pressure on it he cried.

roscoe-legThat night, I let him sleep in my room and he cried off and on whenever he moved positions. I felt so sorry for him!

First thing this morning I took him to the vet and sure enough he had broken something in his knee.  And not a simple break may I add as our vet had only seen something similar 2-3 times in his time.  He had 2 Xrays taken and $175 later we were being told he needed surgery to repair his knee which seems to have separated or something where all his puppy leg growth happens and will require pins put into to it to hold it together.  If we don’t do it, his leg will become limp and lifeless and he’ll drag it around for the rest of his life…how sad!

The tears welled up in my eyes and escaped down my cheeks.  I couldn’t believe our vet was telling us it wasn’t a simple break that could just be fixed with a cast! My family was kind enough to let me get a dog and I promised them it wouldn’t cost much and now I am looking at anywhere from $1200-$7000K to fix!  I feel awful about putting my family’s hard earned money into an animal when I should be spending it on them even though they all agreed to give up a few things over the next few months to see Roscoe well.

I took Roscoe home as we need to have a family discussion about what to do.  I laid in bed with him all day…here’s a pic of us…crappy resolution but took it with my new VAIO Cam and it didn’t work well in the dark room.

I still can’t believe this happened!  Just yesterday Roscoe and I went for this long casual 4KM walk in the Wildlife Bird Reserve together.  It was our first real walk together and the day was beautiful. We saw Canadian Geese & Bald Headed Eagles, rabbits and even picked some blackberries.

In summary, I decided this afternoon to go ahead with the surgery and he is scheduled for 9am on September 22, 2009.

I’m surprised how attached I have become to an animal in just a few short months.  I never seen myself as an animal person and never really paid them much attention until Roscoe came along.

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